Strategic Planning

Perioptias offers a structured approach to business building and commercialisation, with results-driven outcomes tailored for your specific needs


New business development

Our partners are experienced at identifying and developing opportunities to grow your businesses.


Business Case, Tenders and Grant writing

Our consulting work, spanning business cases to gateway reviews, provided guidance to more than £1.8 bn (AU$3.3bn) of government investments, of which approximately 31% of the value was in health projects.


Capital Raising, Management and Board experience

In the private sector we supported the growth of more than 80 high technology companies to receive more than £50 million in private equity funding

About Us

Vision and Mission:

Perioptias’ vision is “to create a world-leading network of care organisations for the treatment of chronic and age-related diseases”.

Our organisation’s mission for the next five years is to build a world leading consulting and research group, formed through partnerships, and through our combined effort, make a major contribution to improved health outcomes. We will gather, invest in and share the best and latest services and technology to make life more comfortable for all people, and in particular chronically ill and retired people.

The initial objectives of Perioptias are to identify opportunities to influence the direction of healthcare through high level consultancies. In addition we will identify and support commercialisation opportunities to bring new services and technologies to the market.

Perioptias offers a unique combination of health care services in Australia as well as global experience in business strategy, new business development and close relationships with both Australian Federal and State Governments from senior public servants to Departmental Ministers.

Our principals have a strong healthcare focus, having served multinational and regional health corporate leaders in strategy, marketing and board-level roles.

Perioptias has three principals

Dr Grace Lai

Dr. Grace Lai through Periop Partners offers healthcare services including a particular focus on aged care operators, hospitals and surgical clinics and multi- disciplinary and Allied health Clinics. Grace is a highly qualified medical doctor, as well as holding qualifications in Business and Information Technology. She is closely networked with a range of service providers and colleagues, with extensive connections to China and South East Asia.

Dr. Ian Smart

Dr. Ian Smart who initially qualified as a research scientist in biotechnology has had considerable experience in new business development and establishing new start-up companies, particularly in the healthcare industry. In the past two decades he has been involved through Information City Australia with Robert Crompton, in establishing number of successful technology-based businesses including Optias, Cell Therapies Pty Ltd, in partnership with the Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute, Genscreen, involved in a range of gene therapies, and Cortical Dynamics, a brain monitoring device with Swinburne University. Ian was a Director of all of these companies.

Robert Crompton

Robert Crompton has a long career in business growth and development both in Australia and internationally and has been a Director of a number of private and public companies. In partnership with Dr. Ian Smart, he has had a particular focus on the growth and development of Optias over the past decade, and particularly Chronic Healthcare management in Australia’s ageing population. He is also a shareholder and partner of Information City Australia, a high technology incubator which invested in some 80 businesses with $17 million in Government seed funding and $90 million in private co-investment, and Global Access Partners

Collectively, Perioptias principals have over 50 years' experience in medical and technology commercialisation, as medical professionals in hospitals, as senior executives in government and business, and as research scientists in biotechnology research.